Advancing the

charitable vision of

William S. Dietrich II


Based in Pittsburgh, The Dietrich Foundation is a Pennsylvania charitable trust created through the extraordinary charitable vision and generosity of William (Bill) S. Dietrich II, who passed away in October 2011.


Bill Dietrich was often asked what inspired him to develop his charitable plan with such careful consideration and foresight. It was Andrew Carnegie, Andrew Mellon and other great philanthropists of Western Pennsylvania, he explained, who inspired him to give and, with equal importance, to think about how best to give. Like Carnegie, Mr. Dietrich firmly believed that those with great wealth must understand the responsibility that comes with it.  Excess wealth, he said, ought to be thought of as a “sacred trust” for the public good — where a man of wealth is bound by duty to administer those funds in a manner which, in his judgment, is best calculated to create opportunities for beneficiaries to better themselves and their communities. Because of Mr. Dietrich’s inspired vision, generations of Western Pennsylvanians and the communities in which they live will enjoy the fruits of his remarkable philanthropy.



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